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Stab-In Pipe Stage 2

People Involved

Project Description

This is Stage 2 of a project to design and develop new non-threaded drill pipe joints. .

Stage 2 will be related to 3D printing of conceptual design of snap latch based non-threaded tool joints, electromagnetic calculations and further design and analysis for appropriate engagement and disengagement mechanism of snap latch.

Stage 1 was joint funded by Stab-in Pipe Ltd and OGIC. The outcomes of Stage 1 includes:
a) review of existing design and proposal for new design
b) computer aided design and finite element static stress analysis of the non-threaded drill pipe connector
c) material selection and design optimisation.

In partnership with Stab-In Pipe Ltd

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Oil & Gas Innovation Centre
Stab-In Pipe Limited
Value £29,952.00
Project Dates Feb 1, 2019 - Feb 14, 2020
Partner Organisations Stab-In Pipe Ltd

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