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Thermally sprayed metamaterial coatings for photovoltaic energy harvesting applications (#themetacoat)

People Involved

Project Description

Metamaterials, an artificial periodic two- or three-dimensional configuration, can change propagation characteristics of electromagnetic waves, which in return can cause wave energy to get absorbed into the material. Taking this idea forward, we introduce this novel study for scalable production of artificial planar configuration using thermal spray coating technology. The coating deposited was then used to manipulate the electromagnetic wave propagation properties (in ultraviolet/UV-visible/Vis-infrared/IR region). In this work, coatings were deposited using suspension high velocity oxy fuel thermal spraying (S-HVOF) and atmospheric plasma-sprayed (APS) method, respectively, onto various substrates with a fine wire mesh as the masking sheet to manipulate the surface pattern. The deposited coating successfully manipulated the electromagnet waves propagation. While the DC output measurement and assessing the rectification effects under solar radiation can be part of further work, it has been demonstrated through this work that the application of thermal spray coating method can be a useful means to manufacture sunlight absorbing meta-surfaces (scalable) and potentially a rectenna system (i.e., transmitting power by UV-Vis-IR region electromagnetic waves) for solar powered satellites, sensors, drones, planetary missions, etc.

The project was internally funded as part of RGU’s Pump Priming Project (an internal competitive process) in partnership with University of Nottingham, University of Exeter, Cranfield University, and London South Bank University. The team is now developing collaborative proposal for further research.

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) RGU Internal Funding
Value £20,000.00
Project Dates Nov 15, 2018 - Jul 31, 2019
Partner Organisations Cranfield University
University of Nottingham
University of Exeter

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