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sFRPs as a novel modulator of diastolic heart failure

People Involved

Doctor Sarah Walsh
Research Fellow

Professor Cherry Wainwright

Project Description

Following a heart attack, or because of persistently high blood pressure the heart is damaged and has to work harder to circulate blood around the body. This condition is known as heart failure. In the UK alone, 500,000 people have heart failure resulting in 150,000 inpatient episodes in 2012/2013.

The aims of this research project are to increase our understanding of what roles sFRPs play in the heart and determine whether changes in the activity of sFRPs are associated with diastolic heart failure and investigate whether sFRPs represent a novel therapy for the treatment of this condition.

In partnership with Astra Zeneca

Type of Project Project
Status Project Live
Funder(s) Medical Research Council
Value £91,268.00
Project Dates Oct 1, 2017 - Sep 30, 2021
Partner Organisations AstraZeneca

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