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Improving Access to Service Charities for Female Veterans

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Project Description

There has been research carried out to discover the barriers to veterans accessing specific specialist services, however, these studies have comprised mainly male participants. It has become apparent recently that there are gender differences involved when veterans seek support and that male veterans are more likely to access specialist services than female veterans. There is evidence that the reason for this is that female veterans have additional barriers to accessing specialist services. The aim of this project is, therefore, to improve access to services for women who have served in the Armed forces in the UK. To be able to make tangible suggestions to achieve this aim we need, firstly, to understand the perceived challenges of these female veterans, secondly, to discover how gender specific factors may influence access to services and, thirdly to identify potential barriers female veterans experience when accessing specialist services. We intend to tackle this project by carrying out a literature search to discover current academic thinking, and by interviewing a selection of female veterans as well as a representative selection of service provider experts from the public and charitable sectors. Following on from this we will hold a knowledge sharing event involving a variety of relevant organisations. The purpose of this event is, for us to present the findings of our research to date including the data gathered from the interviews. From these, and in collaboration with the representatives present at the event, produce feasible solutions to female veterans’ needs and the provision required to meet these needs. We believe that by involving all these stakeholders the suggestions that emerge will be feasible and effective in improving access to services for female veterans. Not only that we believe that through this project we will raise awareness of specific specialist services to all veterans

Status Project Complete
Funder(s) Cabinet Office
Value £69,121.00
Project Dates Apr 1, 2022 - Sep 30, 2023

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