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Valorisation of cold press rapeseed oil processing co-streams

People Involved

Project Description

Mackintosh of Glendavney (Mackintosh) are the largest producer of extra virgin cold pressed rapeseed oil in Scotland with the potential to expand production. A by-product from this process is rapeseed cake, which is currently sold for livestock feed at a very low cost. Alternative use and potential valorisation of such by-product will be of huge advantage for the company. Rapeseed press cake is known to contain a range of chemicals that are of value to the food and drink and pharmaceutical industries. Our previous work has shown that using water based extraction, a 5-10 times improvement in extraction effectiveness was obtained compared to solvent assisted extraction. This project will further charaterise the by-product and the solid phase after extraction to determine whether it would still have any value as an animal feed and will explore is potentail use a feed for crickets. The company is interested in expanding their portfolio of activities and have started farming of crickets as a potential source of alternative proteins. The potential to create crickets enriched in mono-unsaturated fatty acids (whch the press-cake is rich off) will create a very interesting source of food components and a high value revenue for their by-product.

Status Project Live
Funder(s) Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council
Value £103,929.00
Project Dates Oct 1, 2021 - Sep 30, 2025
Partner Organisations Mackintosh of Glendaveny

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